Amorph Systems‘ solutions for FUTURE AIRPORTS.


Advanced Solutions for Future Airports

Passenger processing at airports is continually changing as operators adapt to evolving requirements and continue their efforts to restore passenger confidence. These changes present challenges with passenger flow and resource planning. To effectively manage this will require agility and the support of good planning and management tools.

At the same time, similar to other industries, the Air Transport Industry is embracing the digitalization of operations and infrastructure. With it’s roots in the automotive industry, Amorph’s SMARTUNIFIER is a solution that enables fast, easy, and scalable device and system integration, making the digitalization of future airports possible. Data exists in different components and systems, in different formats, with different communication protocols. To really harness the power of this data and benefit from the synergies of system wide interoperability we have a smart way to unify connectivity across all required systems!

Amorph Systems remains focused on innovation, developing and enhancing its solutions!

We are ready to assist airports in the following areas:

Continuous change is a reality. We can enable the agility to respond effectively!



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