Leading companies are information driven with more and more data to be collected and analyzed.

Only those companies having the fastest and best decision-making process – i.e. are able to transform data into business value – will succeed!

For applications that enables seamless integration to industry resources and for powering through large volumes of complex data faster than you could have imagined, you want Amorph‘s solutions.

What makes Amorph’s Solutions different?

Answering complex business questions and drive fast decision-making processes requires more than your run-of-the-mill solutions.

Amorph Systems solutions let you collect and distribute information seamlessly, discover insights faster and power actions to drive better outcomes.
Dr.-Ing. Frank Frauenhoffer
Managing Director Development & Operations, Amorph Systems GmbH
Amorph Systems | We are operational experts!

We are operational experts!

Amorph Systems has the experience needed when it comes to make its IT solutions running in operational mode. We ensure that our solutions run with high reliability, stability and performance.
Therefore, our customers can stay relaxed even if the day of operations seems to get hectic and turbulent.

Amorph Systems | We listen to our clients!

We listen to our clients!

Our references are our business cards. Every installation, every customer is important, so we do everything to meet customer expectations and deliver what is expected: high quality results.

Therefore, you can ask about our references and contacts, they are proof for our excellence.

Amorph Systems | We think big and start small!

We think big and start small!

Our solutions can initially be used on a very small scale and then expanded step by step, to entire facilities in distributed locations and even in huge Cloud environments. This allows you to grow according to your needs.

Amorph Systems | We are unique!

We are unique!

Every customer is unique, so are we. Amorph Systems offers a unique team and unique solutions. Our whole team consists of industry and technology experts. Covering a wide range from aviation to manufacturing, from semiconductor to automotive, from user interfaces to databases, Amorph Systems ist able to give you advice either on processes, data analytics or programming.

Amorph Systems | We love innovation!

We love innovation!

At Amorph System the clock never stands still. We develop all our products continuously to incorporate the latest technology. So, we make sure to keep the best-in-class solution and our customers to be always on top of technological changes.




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