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Advanced Solutions to Address the Global Pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19)


The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is a global challenge with unprecedented impact

When healthcare workers are in the front lines taking care of many of us and our governments are mobilizing all resources to respond to this crisis, we at Amorph Systems have asked ourselves : “How can we help”?

Of course, we take care of all our employees to protect their health and safety – and they help us to further serve our customers around the globe, sustaining the operations of our airport and manufacturing IT systems installed in many facilities worldwide. But there is more to come.

So, we are focusing our resources and bringing together the right partners to work together and develop new advanced applications to manage through the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond. This is what we do best and with the highest agility — applying data, knowledge, computing power and insights to solve difficult problems. With this approach we helped already existing partners like Finavia to rapidly adapt towards the current changes. Matti Lehto, Head of Process development at Helsinki airport:

“Now, during the Corona COVID-19 outbreak, we needed to extract live passenger data in combination with predicted values. Together with Amorph Systems we acted quickly and had this feature ready in only a few days for all relevant parties at Helsinki airport to support daily operations for handling the current situation.”


Infection Detection and Containment System (IDCS) for Airports, Hospitals and Factories

Amorph Systems has now joined a consortium of ecosystem partners in order to develop powerful solutions for continuous detection and monitoring the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak inside buildings and facilities.

A dedicated SARS-CoV-2 Spread Control System will soon be ready to be applied in airports, hospitals and factories in Europe and worldwide. This system helps to limit the transmission of the virus through real-time thermal monitoring of people (e.g. workers, staff, patients, visitors) as well as early spread estimation in case of suspect incidents.

Infection Detection and Containment System (IDCS) for Airports, Hospitals and Factories

The solution automatically enforces access control to the buildings through thermal sensing algorithms and further technologies for effective tracking (e.g. Bluetooth, WiFi, Beacons) with respect to current GDPR constraints. It also alerts security staff upon detection of infections and initiates escalation workflows to get the person isolated, sent to the hospital, secure areas from passengers re-entering, and have impacted areas disinfected.

Besides Amorph System, the consortium that offers the SARS-CoV-2 Spread Control System currently consists of VANTIQ, a company that enables customers to build next-generation applications that combine real-world data and real-time events as well as HIKVision, a global manufacturer of surveillance and thermal sensing devices.

The consortium is now designing and developing solutions for airports, factories, hospitals and other environments. Each partner bringing a specific set of expertise to the efforts. Amorph Systems runs an Airport Planning and Operations Management System in the cloud that tracks flights and monitors and predicts passenger flows. This combined with thermal detection data can help manage contact tracking in order to help reduce disease spread.

And there is more to come from Amorph to cope with the COVID-19 crisis

Amorph Systems recently has enhanced its existing platform to adapt to the COVID-19 crisis by focusing on the platform’s core principles of flow simulations and predictions. As it is needed now to react fast, we focused on easy to deploy and highly accessible solutions for our end-customers. RUFUS (a Real-Time Flight Information System)

Fast reaction time is one of the most important things, especially in the current situation with more than usual daily changing parameters. Airport staff is either required to work from home or is completely laid off; and if flight operations still take place, working these days is completely different than in times before Covid-19. Therefore, Amorph Systems has built a rapid to deploy solution for real-time updates to help airports have access to data from everywhere. Installed in the Microsoft AZURE cloud, the solution can be made available in only a couple of days. Adjusted Staff Planning

In a volatile market, fast adaptations are key in avoiding overspending on resources. This is more than relevant in the current situation when passenger numbers continuously decrease and therefore less staff for security, check-in and other resources are needed. With´s Terminal Operations Planner (TOP) airport planners are able to set-up plans for the next days and weeks to accommodate the current situation to the right amount of staff in place. This saves time & money and prevents more people than needed to come to the airport, which is a health risk for them as well in times where staying at home is just safer. Capacity Evaluation

The Corona pandemic will change the way we live and travel not only now, but also in the future. Airports must react on future regulations by their health ministries and ensure safe and healthy travel for all customers. This will lead to a different view on the capacity of terminal buildings. In the past, the focus was on the optimization of capacity in order to increase the potential throughput through the entire process chain. More space required for each passenger, longer checks and intensifying cleaning procedures could lead to a downturn of capacity. In the end, health and safety will play an important new role for all in the game: airports, airlines and passengers.

Our experienced team of IT and industry experts are dedicated to work with you and provide fast responses for these challenging times. Together we strive for building long-term resiliency, business continuity, efficiency and addressing the business demands in rapidly changing environments. The challenges our clients face today require advanced and agile IT strategies backed by excellence in execution: this is what Amorph Systems stands for.



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